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Panache 4 Paws!

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Dog Grooming in an Exclusive, Private Setting

A wonderful experience awaits your pet at Panache 4 Paws! We provide a fully qualified and  first-rate pet grooming service for dogs of all sizes and breeds in a uniquely beautiful and private setting near Yealmpton  in South Devon. Once your dog arrives, he/she will experience a totally exclusive and gentle grooming service. The results will be a magnificent  looking coat, which feels and smells superb, coupled with your dog feeling great after undergoing a fabulous pampering service!

    Apart from grooming services, we can provide qualified pet care advice, basic training and behavioural training upon request. We also have pet shampoos, beauty products and grooming tools if you want to buy some. All our products are suited to the skin type of your dog after a thorough assessment and discussion with you.

    We Treat Your Dog Like Family

    As pet lovers ourselves, we understand your love for your four-legged friend. We want your dog to feel as relaxed and comfortable as possible, so we work around any dislikes and fears to ensure an enjoyable experience. Each dog is treated like part of our family, and is treated totally individually.

    Why Have Your Dog Groomed at Panache 4 Paws?

    Grooming your dog, not only keeps them healthy and presentable but  also allows them to feel free from tangles and liberated within their coat which will move freely when they walk run and play. The subsequent visit frequency depends on how regularly your pet requires grooming, which can vary according to the breed. Please feel free to discuss this further when you visit.

    A visiting service can be arranged to local people who are unable to leave their homes, but who want their dog groomed. For those who would like this  trimming and grooming to be done at home, please mention this when you call, and we will arrange a time to suit.Unfortunately, due to the travelling, this will incur a mileage charge.


    At Panache 4 Paws, we always check your pet’s temperament and ask for their medical history before we start grooming. Also, we make sure to discuss with you how you would like to have your pet styled. We will make the necessary adjustments until you are fully satisfied with the result. When groomed regularly, your dog will experience the following benefits:

    • A coat feeling soft and in good condition
    • A coat that has been fully brushed through causing less shedding for both short and long-haired dogs
    •  A fresh and manageable, beautifully cut and styled coat, allowing freedom of movement for the dog. 
    •   A dog looking, smelling and feeling fantastic !


    Pets that are not well-groomed are more prone to ticks or infestations of fleas that cause allergies and skin problems. You do not want these transmittable diseases to affect your human family members, so it is always best to maintain your pet’s hygiene.

    Using a range of natural products, we gently remove dead hair and skin cells to improve, cleanse and moisturise the coat. Whilst shampooing, the dog undergoes a full body massage that is calm and gentle to help form relaxation and an enjoyable process, which also helps relieve sore joints and loosen tense muscles.


    It is not good to have a matted dog. A dog that is prone to matting MUST be brushed daily by the owner. If a few small matts have formed we suggest de-matting treatment be completed in two sessions as this is less stressful for the dog

    . Before we start the grooming process, we will make sure that you know how we address the problem and ways to prevent this from happening again. We will not hurry the process, but use our acquired skill and experience to resolve the problem as much as possible. Remember to groom your dog well in between grooms as tugging of the skin however gentle is very very uncomfortable for any dog. Should considerable matting have formed, we will discuss the best way forward for your pet’s welfare, which may involve a veterinary visit.


    We carefully hand-dry all pets using a variety of drying methods. The drying method used is relaxing and thorough, with time taken to ensure that the coat is fully brushed out. The brushes and combs used depends on your pet’s coat with comfort  always being the priority during the drying process of the groom.

    Nail Trimming

    Nail trimming is one way to keep your pet healthy in the long run. When overgrown nails break, it can lead to soreness, pain, difficulty in walking and arthritis, among others.

    Pet Familiarisation

    By bringing your dog to us, you will be introducing  him/her to a new experience. Because of this, we slowly introduce new things to him/her and allow time for them to adjust and accept the situation. The whole new setting  can be a little daunting the first time. By allowing the dog to enjoy these new sensations before moving on, it enables us to give a truly unique and specialised service. Upon subsequent visits, your dog will then be happier to return with a more positive association to any future grooming experience.

    Behavioural Training and Obedience Training

    Sometimes a bit of support can help enormously to connect again with our dogs should they be generally misbehaving. Within a safe environment, we can offer possible solutions and tips from a qualified dog trainer to enable you to have a really wonderful relationship with your dog. See the Services page for more information.

    Call Us Now!

    Please get in touch if this sounds like the service you are looking for. We are situated within a private setting near Yealmpton a few miles from the outskirts of Plymouth in South Devon. Whether you want a full groom, a bath or simply a nail trim for your pet, we will ensure that each step is carefully taken to ensure your dog is comfortable and enjoying the experience.

     A fetching and carrying service can be arranged by appointment for local customers at times to suit, but will unfortunately incur an extra charge.