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Panache 4 Paws!

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What We Offer

Grooming for Dogs and Puppies

Full-Body Groom (2-5 Hours)

We always check your dog’s temperament and ask if they have any medical conditions before we groom them as this can influence what is done for the good of your dog and will be discussed with you to ensure that you are truly happy with the result.

We also like to discuss with you how you would like to have your dog styled and we are able to groom to breed standard or give a pet trim which is easier for you to maintain over the following weeks.

Keep your dogs and puppies looking good both in the countryside and at home with our full-body grooming service at Panache 4 Paws!  This treatment includes:

  • Custom Coat Styling
  • Dead Hair Removal
  • Ear Cleanse
  • Full brush out

  • Luxury Finishing Cologne Spritz
  • Nail Trim
  • Two Shampoos
  • Warm Blow Dry

Hand Stripping

If your breed requires the coat to be removed by hand instead of scissors or clippers, then we can provide this service for your dog. It also includes bath, drying and nails as above upon request. It is a gentle process, with amazing results for all of the more wire coated breeds. Please ring to discuss if this is what you would like for your dog!

Quick Groom

Keep your dog's coat in tip-top shape with a quick grooming service in between each fully-body groom. It will also remove dead hair and help prevent matting. This service is for long-haired or double-coated breeds like the following:

  • Chow-Chow
  • Cockapoo
  • German Shepherd
  • Golden Retriever

  • Labradoodle
  • Newfoundland
  • Shih Tzu
  • Tibetan Terrier

Puppy Groom and Socialisation

Socialisation is a process by which a dog is exposed to the type of experiences and events that they are likely to encounter in order to prepare them for a happy and well -adjusted life.

The more your puppy is socialised with different environments the better the chance of your puppy having a positive association to them. This is where early grooming comes in.

Getting your puppy used to routine care like brushing, bathing, nail trimming, ear cleaning and being touched and handled not only by you but also others can be of great benefit especially if you intend to have your dog regularly groomed.

A good age to send your puppy for its first visit to a groomer is probably between 8-12 weeks.  A puppy of this age will probably just need a bath and possibly a tidy up.

The frequency of subsequent visits will depend on how regularly your dog requires grooming, and this will vary according to the breed. Come to Panache 4 Paws and we can start this process together!

Dog Behavioural Training

For those who may be struggling with unwanted behaviours

Sometimes dogs can become rather too excitable, and this can lead to unwanted behavours, that can be tricky to manage. If you would like to explore this more, then do let us know. 

After taking a full history, we will endeavour to work together so that you can manage your dog in a more comfortable way, through training and behavioural exercises  both for you, and for your dog. Talk to Margot if you would like to persue this. Such behaviours may be;-

Aggressive tendencies

Unwanted marking

General disobedience

Anxieties and fear displays

Inability to go for a pleasant walk

General unwanted behaviours

Dog and Puppy Obedience Training.

Why not come and join us with our weekly dog training sessions? These are undertaken at the same address and is a non-threatening and enjoyable hour. During the winter months, these take place at 11am on a Sunday, and once the clocks go back, on a week day evening. We cover such things as;

  • Sitting, staying and recall
  • Going away, staying and recall
  • Walking to heel with a loose lead

  • Walking well within a pack
  • Finding Objects
  • General manners and socialisation!

Price List*

Nails Only
Panache 4 Paws! Full Groom:
  • Small Dogs

  • Medium Dogs

  • Large Dogs 

From £35.00

From £40.00

From £45.00
Panache 4 Paws! Hand-Stripping
From £40.00
Panache 4 Paws! Quick Groom
 From £30.00
Panache 4 Paws! Puppy Trim
 From £25.00
Panache 4 Paws! Behavioural Initial Support Consultation
£50/ Hour
Panache 4 Paws! Behavioural Ongoing Training
£70 for 3 seperate hour long sessions after inital consultation
Panache 4 Paws! Day Care
 From £20.00 For 8 Hours (upon agreement)
Panache 4 Paws! Basic Obedience Training
Panache 4 Paws! Home Visit
Under Separate Negotiation
Panache 4 Paws! One-to-One Puppy Consultation
£40.00 For 1 Hour

*All prices are based on the dog’s coat being matt-free and regularly groomed.